Specialized Instruments

This category of instruments include: chemical warfare agent detectors, helium detectors, mercury monitors, ozone detectors, radiation monitors, and thermal imaging camera's (TICs).
Product Manufacturer Description Order / Quote
Photo - Jerome J405 Jerome J405 Arizona Instrument Quick and accurate analysis of mercury vapor levels Order / Quote
Photo-GasCheck-3000 GasCheck 3000 Ion Science Portable, battery-powered, handheld gas leak detector Order / Quote
Photo - MGD-2002 MGD-2002
P/N: 83219
Radiodetection Multi-Gas Leak Detector, using a common tracer gas, such as helium or hydrogen Order / Quote
Photo-ACD-Cal-101-Bump-Station Cal 101 Bump Test Gas Source ACD A low-cost electrochemical gas generator for accurately bump testing Chlorine, Hydrogen Sulfide, Hydrogen and Hydrogen Cyanide sensors; intrinsically safe Order / Quote
Photo - RKI Eagle Eagle for Ozone RKI Instruments Features include a catalytic sensor for LEL hydrocarbon detection, infrared sensors for % volume methane, CO2 and O3, and dual hydrophobic filters Order / Quote
Photo-ChemPro-100i ChemPro100i Environics Handheld detector for field detection and classification of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and selected Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) Order / Quote
Photo - DoseRAE DoseRAE RAE Systems Lightweight, direct-reading electronic personal dosimeter that provides superior dose monitoring accuracy Order / Quote
Photo-GammaRAE-II-R GammaRAE II R RAE Systems Gamma radiation detector and full-range dosimeter in a single instrument Order / Quote
Photo-Ludlum-44-9-Probe 44-9 Probe (Alpha, Beta, Gamma)
P/N: 47-1539
Ludlum Pancake detector is sensitive to alpha, beta and gamma Order / Quote
Gamma_Detector_4a9edc84126dc 44-2 Probe (Gamma)
P/N: 47-1532
Ludlum Sodium iodide (NaI) gamma scintillator is primarily used for detecting low levels of gamma radiation Order / Quote
Photo-Ludlum-Model-3 Model 3
P/N: 48-1605
Ludlum General purpose, handheld analog ratemeter known for accuracy and long-lasting dependability Order / Quote
Photo-Ludlum-Model-2241-2 Model 2241-2 Ludlum General purpose, digital ratemeter with a built-in scaler that provides timed counts over a user specified period Order / Quote
Photo-MultiRAE-Pro MultiRAE Pro RAE Systems Portable wireless multi-threat detection with continuous monitoring capability Order / Quote

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