Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Indoor air quality monitors test for temperature, relative humidity, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide. In some instances VOC monitoring is conducted in conjunction with indoor air quality monitoring.
Product Manufacturer Description Order / Quote
EVM-7 Indoor Air Quality Monitor
P/N: EVM-7
3M Particulate and indoor air quality monitoring (plus VOC's) in one instrument. Order / Quote
VelociCalc Straight Probe 964
P/N: 964
TSI Incorporated Thermoanemometer straight probe for VelociCalc air velocity meter. Order / Quote
VelociCalc Plus Air Velocity Meter VelociCalc Plus Air Velocity Meter
P/N: 8386
TSI Incorporated Simultaneously measure and data log several ventilation parameters (velocity, temperature, differential pressure and humidity using a single probe with multiple sensors. Order / Quote
MultiRAE IR Gas Meter RAE Systems Combines a PID and a CO2 sensor with O2, LEL, and one specific toxic gas sensor in one compact monitor. Order / Quote
Q-Trak Plus, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor
P/N: 8554
TSI Incorporated Provides quick, accurate information to assess key IAQ parameters (CO2, CO, temperature and humidity). Order / Quote
VelociCalc Ventilation Meter
P/N: 9555
TSI Incorporated The VelociCalc 9555 Multi-Function Ventilation Meter is a portable, hand held ventilation test instrument. Order / Quote
IAQRae Indoor Air Quality + PID Monitor RAE Systems Indoor air quality monitor plus PID. Measures CO2, CO, RH. Temp, & VOC's. Order / Quote

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