VelociCalc Plus Air Velocity Meter

VelociCalc Plus Air Velocity Meter

Manufacturer: TSI Incorporated
Part Number: 8386
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TSI’s VelociCalc Plus Multi-Parameter Meters simultaneously measure and data log several ventilation parameters using a single probe with multiple sensors. Based on the model, these hand-held instruments measure velocity, temperature, differential pressure and humidity.

All versions calculate volumetric flowrate. The Model 8386 also performs dew point, wet bulb temperature and heat flow calculations.

Data Logging Capabilities

  • Data logging ability allows user to log 1394 samples with a time and date stamp
  • Simultaneously records all parameters available in each model
  • Single point and continuous data logging modes to fit your application
  • Data can be reviewed on-screen, printed or downloaded to a computer spreadsheet program
  • TSI downloading software permits easy transfer of data to a computer
  • Statistics function displays average, maximum and minimum values, and the number of recorded samples

Key Features

  • Wide velocity range of 0 to 10,000 ft/min
  • Flowrate feature makes simple calculations of volumetric flowrate when the user inputs the duct shape and size, K factor or horn size
  • Velocity measurements are made from the thermal sensor or a Pitot tube
  • Automatic conversion between actual and standard velocity readings
  • Direct calculation of dew point and wet bulb temperature - no psychrometric chart needed (Model 8386 only)
  • Heat flow function calculates heat transferred after a heating or cooling element (Model 8386 only)
  • Stable digital display when measuring fluctuating flows
  • Back-lit display is easy to read in poor lighting conditions
  • 40 inch telescoping probe with etched length marks to make duct traverse measurements easier
  • Optional articulating probe available
  • Optional portable printer provides hard copy documentation of your measurements