Air Sampling

Product Manufacturer Description Order / Quote
Filter Cassette Holder Filter Cassette Holder
P/N: 800143
Sensidyne Designed to mount the cassette to the worker’s collar Order / Quote
Cassette - Hexavalent Chromium
P/N: GCU37500PVC
Sensidyne 37mm, 3 piece, 5.0µm PVC Order / Quote
Cassette - Lead
P/N: GCU37080
Sensidyne 37mm, 3-piece, 0.8µm MCE Order / Quote
Cassette - Asbestos Cassette - Asbestos
P/N: GCS25080
Sensidyne 25 mm classic style, PCM, 0.8µm, MCE, no grid Order / Quote

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