Inventory Management

Product Manufacturer Description Order / Quote
i-Safe Hardgoods Tags i-Safe Hardgoods Tags 100/pk
P/N: 9506656
DBI i-Safe hardgoods tags kit, 100/pack. Order / Quote
i-Safe Softgoods Tags 100/pk
P/N: 9506655
DBI i-Safe softgoods tags kit, 100/pack. Order / Quote
i-Safe 3 Unitech Reader Kit
P/N: 9000101
DBI Tags can be read in the field with the handheld RFID reader, allowing for on-site inspections. Order / Quote
i-Safe Soft Choker Retrofit Tag
P/N: 9502059
DBI This lightweight tag is the first of the retrofit line. It can be ‘choked’ around and object and locked down with a permanent dome fastener. Order / Quote
i-Safe Cable/SRL Retrofit Tag i-Safe Cable/SRL Retrofit Tag
P/N: 9502425
DBI At about the size of a golf ball, this tag is specifically designed to be fastened to small diameter wire rope and is ideally suited for self-retracting lifelines (SRL). Order / Quote

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