i-Safe 3 Unitech Reader Kit

Manufacturer: DBI
Part Number: 9000101
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i-Safe™ Unitech Reader Kit. Comes with HF Unitech Reader and Docking Station.  Tags can be read in the field with the handheld RFID reader, then synced with the full system back in the office, allowing for on-site inspections. Easy-to-use interface allows complete asset visibility.


  • Powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 classic
  • Lightest unit in its class at just 290g
  • Integrated laser scanner, keypad, touch screen, backlight keypad
  • CCX4 Certified WLAN radio
  • IP64 rated for industrial use (Front side IP65)
  • SDIO expansion slot with SDHC supported
  • Full range of accessories & chargers