Photoionization detectors (PIDs) use a lamp to ionize componds in ambient air to provide detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Product Manufacturer Description Order / Quote
ppbRAE 3000+ RAE Systems The most advanced wireless handheld VOC monitor with parts per billion measurement Order / Quote
EC-600, Indoor Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor
P/N: EC-600
RKI Instruments Indoor Carbon Monoxide (CO) Diffusion Gas Monitor, RKI’s Model EC-600 is an indoor monitor that detects Carbon Monoxide (CO) with a range of 0 - 150 ppm. It’s a sleek low profile design which lends itself to laboratory or commercial applications. Order / Quote
FirstCheck+ Ion Science Multi Gas Detector, ppb, combining VOC detection with explosive gas (LEL) sensors. Order / Quote
MultiRAE Pro RAE Systems Portable wireless multi-threat detection with continuous monitoring capability. Order / Quote
MultiRAE Lite RAE Systems 1-6 gas monitoring solution for personal protection, confined space entry, and multi-gas leak detection, including VOCs Order / Quote
MiniRAE Lite RAE Systems Most reliable hand-held VOC monitor on the market Order / Quote
MiniRAE 3000 PID RAE Systems The most advanced handheld VOC detector on the market Order / Quote
Remote Sampler RAE Systems 6' Teflon remote sampling probe with telescoping handle used with RAE pumped gas monitor. Order / Quote
MultiRAE RAE Systems Most advanced wireless portable 6-gas monitor with advanced VOC detection capability. Order / Quote
MiniRAE 2000 PID RAE Systems Photoionization Detector, 0 - 10,000 ppm VOC detection; rugged, smallest pumped handheld VOC monitor on the market Order / Quote

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