Peri Pumps

Product Manufacturer Description Order / Quote
410 Peristaltic Pump 410 Peristaltic Pump
P/N: 108592
Solinst Designed for field use, the reversible flow Peristaltic Pump from Solinst is ideal for vapor sampling or water sampling from shallow wells and surface water. Order / Quote
GeoPump 2 Peristaltic Pump Geotech Ideally suited for sample removal from shallow wells and all surface water sources Order / Quote
Athena Peristaltic Pump
P/N: ATHPERI-10000
Pegasus Extremely effecient, lightweight, and compact Order / Quote
Alexis Peristaltic Pump
P/N: ALXPERI-20000
Pegasus Most accurate and precise variable speed controller for consistent flow rates ensures the technician reliable sample integrity; lightweight and extremely durable Order / Quote

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