Power Auger Kits

Powered augers (also known as Flighted Augers) are connected to a gas drill and are great for drilling holes quickly and with little effort. Many tips and bits for varying soil conditions are available for Flighted Augers – including concrete coring bits and rocky soil bits. Also available are adapters to a variety of drills.
Product Manufacturer Description Order / Quote
2-Stroke Powerhead Heavy-duty drill Order / Quote
Bosch Hammer Drill
P/N: 11245EVS
Two modes of operation: hammer/rotation and hammer-only Order / Quote
Flighted Auger Kit AMS Quickly drill access holes Order / Quote
Hollowstem Auger Kit AMS Give the field user the ability to auger through difficult lithologies, including hardpan, resulting in less need for multiple drill rigs for complicated field situations Order / Quote

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