Hollowstem Auger Kit

Manufacturer: AMS
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AMS hollowstem augers give the field user the ability to auger through difficult lithologies, including hardpan, resulting in less need for multiple drill rigs for complicated field situations. They are ideal for drilling boreholes for lithologic description, sample collection for chemical analysis, and conventional groundwater monitoring well installation. The ability to hollowstem auger gives the AMS powerprobe more versatility in the field, via penetration of deeper depths and the ability to conduct direct push activities, telescopically, through the hollowstem auger itself. All double-key hollowstem augers feature a continuous hard-faced flighting design, 3/8" thick on the outer edge, with a dual bolt connection.

With the auger serving as a casing, hollowstem augering is generally used as a tool to assist in the sampling process. Most AMS powerprobes can perform both hollowstem augering and direct push.