Field Screening Kits

Field screening kits are portable test kits and instruments used for the detection and quantification of contaminants in soil, water, and oil.
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Trimble Geo 7X
P/N: Geo 7X
Trimble The Trimble Geo 7X is fully rugged with an IP65 rating for dust and water, and MIL-STD-810F ratings for drops, shock, vibration, temperature, altitude and humidity. Order / Quote
Color-Tec Field Screening Hardware Kit AQR Color-Tec Field screening test, using colorimetric gas detector tubes, for detecting very low concentrations of chlorinated volatile organic halocarbons in liquid and solid samples. Order / Quote
Hanby Test Kit Hanby Field test product line provides quanitative and qualitative analysis of soil and water samples in the field. Order / Quote
L2000DX Analyzer L2000DX Analyzer
P/N: L2000DX
Dexsil Uses an ion specific electrode to quantify the contamination in the sample. Order / Quote
Dexsil Field portable test that quantifies water concentration in a variety of matrices, (oil, paint, solvents, liquid waste, soil, inks, etc.). Order / Quote
PetroFLAG Analyzer
P/N: PF-MTR-01
Dexsil Field portable method for the determination of total petroleum hydrocarbons in soil; safe and easy to use. Order / Quote

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