Manufacturer: Dexsil
Part Number: HS-MTR
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HydroSCOUT is a field portable test that quantifies water concentration in a variety of matrices, (oil, paint, solvents, liquid waste, soil, inks, etc.). HydroSCOUT can quantify water content in two ranges for used oil, 0 to 20% and 10 to 100%.

It is an easy, inexpensive test that can be run in the field at the pickup point or in a laboratory setting with minimal training required. This method is ideal for accurately determining the true water content in used oil before acceptance or treatment. HydroSCOUT has been assigned USEPA SW-846 Draft Method 9001.

A/D Resolution

  • 12 bit

Measurement Range

  • Program and analyte dependant

Program Storage

  • Non-Volatile


  • 4 Digit 0.35 inch LCD with Program Indicator


  • One 9V Lithium (included) [Use only Alkaline or Lithium]

Battery Life

  • 10,000 measurements or 10 year shelf-life (using 1200 mAh lithium battery)

Operating Temperature

  • 4° C to 40° C


  • length - 5.9" (150 mm), width - 3.2" (81 mm), height - 1.8" (46 mm)


  • 9.2 oz (261 g)