Dredges are placed onto the bottom sediment of still water, then closed and pulled up to retrieve a sample. Careful release of the sample distributes the sample approximately as it appeared on the bottom – making sediment profile description possible. Dredges come if varying sizes and weights depending on the application. Heavy dredges are usually desired for collecting samples in ocean environments where tides may impact the movement of the dredge and also in hard floor lake enviroments that might be diffecult to penetrate the sampling surface.
Product Manufacturer Description Order / Quote
Van Veen 41 lb. Sampler Lightweight sampler designed to take large samples in soft bottoms Order / Quote
25 lb. Bottom Dredge
P/N: 445.60
AMS Easily sample most types of bottom surfaces. Order / Quote
5 lb. Bottom Dredge
P/N: 445.70
AMS A great tool for grab sampling sand or silt Order / Quote
Ekman Dredge Sampler
P/N: 445.11
AMS Stainless steel; spring-loaded with a messenger that travels down the rope and trips the dredge to close Order / Quote

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