YSI Instrument, Model 556 Discontinuation Notice

The Model 556 MPS handheld instrument is being discontinued  in February, 2016.  This includes item numbers    556-01 & 556-02.  These items are orderable thru February 29th, 2016.  After February 29th, 2016, YSI will no longer accept orders for the 555-01 & 556-02.  YSI will continue to support existing model 556’s for the next 5 years, including selling replacement sensors, cable & accessories such as flow cells.

When looking for a replacement instrument for the model 556, YSI suggests the Professional Plus (Pro Plus) or ProDSS.  The Pro Plus when used with a Pro Series Quatro cable, can measure all the parameters the 556 can measure (Dissolved Oxygen, pH, ORP, Conductivity and Temperature plus calculated parameters).  In addition, the Pro Plus can also measure Nitrate, Chloride, Ammonium and be used with a lab BOD-style probe.

Other features that customers might like to know about when changing from the 556 to Pro Plus:

*The Pro Plus is rugged for field use with metal, military spec connectors, IP-67 waterproof rating and 1 meter drop tested.

*The Pro Plus rugged field cables are warranted for 2 years compared to the 556 cables that are only warranted for 1 year.

*The Pro Plus has USB communication for configuration and data download to a PC.  The Pro Plus can send data to a PC real time where  the 556 can only download saved data to a PC via RS-232.

*The Pro Plus has extensive language options.

*The Pro Plus features on-board help.