XLp L.I.S.A. Kit

Manufacturer: Thermo Niton
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The NITON Lead In Soil Accessory kit enables accurate measurement of lead in soil to about 50 ppm*. Tests conducted in-place or on sampled material can be used for screening. Prepared samples provide lab-quality results. Results are stored in the instrument and downloaded in spreadsheet format.Requires XLp or XLi 300 instrument (not included). (*Lower detection limits for Lead can be achieved with the XLp/XLi/XLt 700 Series instruments without paint capability) .

Soil kit includes:

  • Instrument software (factory installed on XLp/XLi-300)
  • Test stand and soil reference test standards
  • Mortar and pestle, 3” diameter soil sieves
  • Soil sample bags
  • XRF sample cups
  • Pelican case