SGC Dock, Wall Mount

SGC Dock, Wall Mount

Manufacturer: Gas Clip Technologies
Part Number: SGC WM DOCK
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Gas Clip Technologies offers a wall mount solution for our SGC Dock. Instead of being housed in a Pelican© case, we provide a slim cabinet type case that can be easily mounted on a wall. This option can be selected at the time of order or can be ordered separately to convert your existing SGC Dock to a Wall Mount SGC Dock. This option is a perfect fit for facilities or office environments.

Gas Clip Technologies GCT Manager software provides users the ability to communicate and program the SGC Dock or Wall Mount SGC Dock via IR Link or USB memory stick.  In order to communicate with a SGC Dock  system via infrared, an IR Link is required.   Following is a full list of programmable features offered when  communicating with the SGC Dock or Wall Mount SGC Dock using the GCT Manager Software  via the IR Link:

  • Docking Station Location
  • Number of Event Logs
  • Auto Power-Off Time
  • Gas Cylinder Expiration Date
  • Gas Cylinder Lot #
  • Gas Cylinder Concentration
  • Feature Administration Controls
  • Station Test Logs
  • Individual Instrument Logs
  • Inventory Report
  • All IR Link Software features

Wall Mount SGC Dock Version: 17.00” × 11.00” × 1.75”; (Top) / 2.50” (Bottom), (43.2 cm × 27.9 cm × 4.4 cm (Top) / 6.4 cm (Bottom))
Information Stored Bump/Calibration Logs, Individual monitor event logs, Firmware (unit and docking station) and Unit Configurations
Unit Compatibility Works with all SGC and SGC Plus instruments
Calibration Gas 58L or 116L gas cylinders; larger cylinder configurations available