Top Setting Wading Rod

Manufacturer: Rickly Hydrological
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The standard USGS Top Setting Wading Rod is intended for use with the Type AA and pygmy current meters. It is designed for measuring shallow streams, with the standard English rod marked in feet and tenths and comes in 4, 6 and 8-foot long models. The standard metric rod marked in centimeter increments with a length of 1.2 meters. These wading rods also are available in lengths (up to 10 feet or 3 meters long) as desired by the customer. The anodized aluminum handle has an integral scale to indicate the correct setting of the current meter at the 0.2, 0.6 and 0.8- depth settings, which corresponds to the conventional two- position method. This unit permits convenient setting of the current meter at the proper depth. It allows the hydrologist to quickly set the meter at the correct depth without bringing the meter out of the water. The depth of the water is read on the graduated hex main rod. When the round setting rod is adjusted to the depth of the water, the current meter is automatically positioned for the 0.6-depth method (0.4-depth position up from the streambed). Setting the unit to half the water depth will place the meter at the 0.2-depth up from the streambed. Conversely, setting the unit to twice the water depth will place the meter at the 0.8-depth position up from the streambed. The latter two positions correspond to the conventional two-position method.

The electrical lead to the current meter is supplied, and a standard plug is fitted into the handle to accept the leads from a headphone, counter or AquaCalc 5000. The commonly used two prong connector can also be supplied as required. All parts are made of stainless steel, anodized aluminum and brass.

Vernier Setting                   Actual Current Meter Position

Exact Water Depth                       0.4 up from the streambed

Twice Water Depth                      0.2 up from the streambed

1/2 Water Depth                           0.8 up from the streambed