GilAir-5 Manifold for Multi-Flow Adapter

Manufacturer: Sensidyne
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This unique patented system consists of a series of components which can be used to make up any of a wide range of different sorbent tube holders. That includes holders for single tube sampling or for multiple tubes manifolded together, with variable control of flow rate to each individual tube. These holders accept not only Sensidyne sorbent tubes but other standard sized industry tubes.

Tight Sealing, Visible Design

The quality construction of these holders features housings of clear plastic, allowing easy see-through inspection. In addition, each of the fittings at either end of the holder contains positive sealing O-rings in a double seal arrangement, eliminating any possible contamination of the sample by assuring absolute airtight integrity. They allow the sample tube to be flow-calibrated in place and also permit quick, easy reconfiguring of tube holder arrangements.

Single Tube Holder Kits

Kit comes with single holder, tubing, adapters and collar clip. Available for any of six different tube sizes. It can be ordered as a standard tube holder kit for constant flow control applications, or as a manifolded kit, which can also be used for variable flow single tube sampling, with a constant pressure (multi-flow) control in place.