PetroFLAG Reagents

Manufacturer: Dexsil
Part Number: PF-SRP
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Field Test Reagents for PetroFLAG Soil Analyzer for measuring Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon contamination (TPH) in soil.

The standard PetroFLAG reagents are designed to have a very high extraction efficiency in all types of soil, ranging from coarse sand to marine sediment and clay. PetroFLAG reagents are packaged 10 tests per box. Each box contains all components needed to analysis 10 soil samples; including one set of calibration solutions (one blank and one 1000 ppm calibration standard.)

All reagents are premeasured and sealed in glass ampules for quality control assurance. The PetroFLAG reagents consist of patent pending formulations that are safe and easily disposed of as normal laboratory waste. There are no "F" series solvents.

The standard result range is 15 ppm to 2000 ppm depending on analyte. If quantification of hydrocarbons above 2000 ppm is desired, PetroFLAG High Range Reagents should be considered. For more information, please refer to PetroFLAG High Range Reagents.