Multi-Stage Sludge and Sediment Sampler

Manufacturer: AMS
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Easily collect sediment or sludge with a technically enhanced core tip and cap. The AMS "valved core tip" fills the sampler without losing the sample upon retrieval. The disposable plastic soil catcher (optional) fits on the end of a 2" x 12" plastic liner (optional). The core tip allows the plastic soil core catcher and liner to fit snuggly over the lip of the core tip. Once the soil core catcher and liner are placed on the core tip they are loaded into a standard multi-stage base section and screwed together. During deployment, the flap cap opens and allows excess air and water to escape through the top of the sampler, eliminating pressure buildup. The sediment enters and fills the liner. When the sampler is lifted the flap closes and creates suction to assist the soil core catcher in retaining the sample. Up to 4 optional 12" sections can be added.

Includes multi-stage flap check cap, multi-stage sludge core tip, and 12" multi-stage SCS.