MP15 (Combo Controller / Air Bottle)

Manufacturer: QED
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The MP15 Micro Purge Basics Controller is used to operate QED WellWizard bladder sampling pumps to purge and sample ground water. The MP15, with its self-contained CO2 cylinder (or another compressed gas source connected to the bypass supply fitting) is taken portably from well to well. The MP15 has specific design features to make MicroPurge sampling easier.

Key Features

  • MicroPurge Mode Operation Simple Increase/Decrease keys allow you to easily set the flow rate you need for each well
  • IDTime Set Mode Operation - Quickly recalls pre-determined settings for each well by specifying a 3-digit ID
  • Level Delay Interface -  The controller plugs into the optional MP30 MicroPurge Drawdown/Water Level Meter to provide direct feedback of well drawdown and to pause pump operation until the level recovers
The optional MP30 MicroPurge Drawdown/Water Level Meter plugs into the MP15 to provide water level feedback. The MP30 uses a standard conductivity probe to detect the ground water surface and a marked tape allowing the user to measure the depth. When the meter is set in MicroPurge mode, the probe is lowered a specific distance below the static water level and fixed in this position. During well sampling if the water level drops below the user-set probe position, the MP15 is paused which prevents further drawdown by the pump. Once the level recovers the MP15 begins pump operation again, starting in the pump refill cycle.

The MP15 MicroPurge basics Control & Power Pack includes an on-board power source, a CO2 (carbon dioxide) cylinder, to operate bladder-type sampling pumps. The 5 lb. capacity cylinder makes the MP15 very versatile and portable.


  • 25.5" x 12.5" x 10" (65 x 32 x 25 cm)


  • 27 lbs. (12 kg)

Case Material

  • Polyethylene


  • 6 keys


  • 2 line, 16 character
  • LCD


  • 3 AA batteries

Battery Life

  • 50,000 cycles @ 70° F (21° C)

Maximum Pressure

  • 120 PSI (8.27 bar)

Maximum Pump Depth

  • 250' (76 m)

Operating Temperature

  • -20 to 150° F (-29 to 66° C)


  • 5 lbs. (2.3 kg) CO2

Cylinder Life

  • Over 3 hours at 75 foot ( 22.8 m) pump depth

Connection to MP30 Drawdown Meter

  • Heavy-duty cable (supplied with MP30)

MP15 Purge Capacity*

           Pump Depth                       Pump Time   

  •         50' (15.2 m)                             400 min.
  •        100' (30.4m)                             120 min.
  •        150' (45.7m)                               90 min.
  •        200' (60.8m)                               50 min.
*Purge times based on 200 ml/min flow rate, full 5 lb (2.3kg) CO2 cylinder