L2000DX Water Reagents

L2000DX Water Reagents

Manufacturer: Dexsil
Part Number: LP-WRK
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Field test reagents for PCB and other chlorinated hydrocarbons in water.

The L2000DX PCB/Chloride analyzer is an efficient, accurate tool for determining chlorinated organic compound contamination in groundwater. The L2000DX is user friendly with a variety of pre-programmed methods specifically designed for water testing. Extraction efficiencies and conversion factors for over a dozen chlorinated compounds have been determined and programmed into the instrument for accurate in-field results. In addition to the pre-programmed methods, customized methods can be designed by the user incorporating characteristics specific for site location and analyte.

Field trial and laboratory validation studies show that water analysis using the L2000DX compares very well with expensive laboratory methods. This data shows that the L2000DX can accurately determine the true contaminate concentration in two ranges. The instrument has a low range of (MDL) 20 ppb to 5 ppm, and a high range of 5 ppm to 2000 ppm. Inorganic chloride will not interfere with the test.

* High Range ** Low Range ***Analyte Dependent