L2000DX Soil Reagents

L2000DX Soil Reagents

Manufacturer: Dexsil
Part Number: LP-SRK
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Field test reagents for PCB and other chlorinated hydrocarbons in soil.

U.S. EPA SW-846 Method 9078.

The L2000DX PCB/Chloride analyzer is a field portable instrument incorporating an ion specific electrode that can quantify chlorinated compounds in *all types of soil. Soils contaminated with PCBs, chlorinated solvents or chlorinated pesticides/herbicides can be tested on-site in just 10 minutes saving time and money over costly, time consuming laboratory analysis.

The L2000DX analyzer is preprogrammed with conversion factors for all major Aroclors and most chlorinated pesticides and solvents. The precanned programs are easily selected from a menu to perform routine analysis of common chlorinated organic compounds. The built-in methods include corrections for extraction efficiencies, dilution factors and blank contributions.

After an initial extraction, a sodium reagent converts the chlorinated organic compound to chloride which can then be detected and measured by the chloride ion specific electrode. The raw chloride reading is then converted to ppm of the analyte selected from the menu. Analysis results are displayed on the LCD screen, but can also be stored for later print-out, up-loaded to a PC via the RS-232 serial port or sent directly to the on-board 40 column thermal printer. The on-board printer can be programmed to print customized information such as user name and sample number.

The usable measurement range for soils is (MDL) 2 ppm to 2000 ppm. Inorganic chloride, i.e. road salt, will not interfere with the test.

*Some soils, such as wet clays, can pose an extraction problem. For information on dealing with difficult to solvate soils, please go to L2000DX 2-Step Soil Reagents.