Manufacturer: Dexsil
Part Number: HY-DRO
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Field test kit for organic chlorine determination for oil/water mixtures, used antifreeze/coolant, and bilge water.

HydroClor-Q is a quantitative field test kit designed to measure organic chlorine contamination in oil/water mixtures and used antifreeze. The kit can be used on water-soluble cutting fluids, sump and bilge water, antifreeze or any organic matrix containing water. If water concentration in the sample is greater than 70%, the result can be read directly from the titration burette. For water concentrations less than 70%, please download the conversion chart under "Technical Papers" at the bottom of this page.

HydroClor-Q only measures "organic" chlorine, therefore inorganic chloride from seawater or other sources will not interfere with the test.

The pocket-sized kit is easy to use and comes complete with everything necessary to perform one test. All premeasured reagents are sealed in glass ampules. The test takes less than 10 minutes to run and quantifies total organic chlorine in the range of 200 ppm to 4000 ppm. This kit is extremely useful for identifying chlorinated solvent contamination in water and wastewater.