EXO2 Water Quality Sonde

EXO2 Water Quality Sonde

Manufacturer: YSI
Part Number: EXO2
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The EXO2 water quality sonde is a new YSI multiparameter instrument that collects data with six user-replaceable sensors, a central wiper to keep sensors clean of biofouling, and an integral pressure transducer for depth.

Smart Ports: Each sensor port on the sonde accepts any EXO water quality sensor and automatically recognizes it.

Sensor Options:

  • Conductivity and Temperature
  • Dissolved Oxygen (optical)
  • fDOM (Fluorescent Dissolved Organic Matter, surrogate for CDOM)
  • pH or pH / ORP
  • Depth (integral)
  • Total Algae (Dual-channel Chlorophyll and Blue-green Algae)
  • Turbidity
Data Collection Options:
  • Store onboard the sonde
  • Transfer data to DCP
  • Relay data to PC
  • Relay data to EXO Handheld

The EXO2 with
  • 7 sensor ports (6 ports available for sensors when central wiper used)
  • Integral pressure transducer
  • 1 peripheral port for power communication
  • 1 peripheral port for auxiliary sensor
  • Depth: 820 ft, 250 m
Medium Fresh, sea or polluted water
Temperature Operating Storage -5 to +50°C -20 to +80°C
Communications Bluetooth wireless technology; USB cableRS-485, RS-232, SDI-12
Software KOR®
Dimensions Diameter Length, no depth Weight 3.00 in, 7.62 cm 28.00 in, 71.10 cm 3.60 kg, 7.90 lbs (batteries and sensors installed)
Power External Internal 9 to 16.5 V DC 4 D-size alkaline batteries
Memory 512 MB; >1,000,000 logged readings

Ratings CE, UL, RoHS, WEEE