Levelogger Direct Read Cable

Manufacturer: Solinst
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When it is desired to get real-time data and communicate with Leveloggers without removal from the water, they can be deployed using direct read cables. The lower end of the direct read cable has a miniaturized infrared optical reader. The top cap of the Levelogger is removed and the direct read cable is threaded in its place. In turn, the upper end of the cable is attached to a portable computer or Leveloader, via a USB or RS232 PC Interface Cable. This allows viewing of the data, downloading and/or programming in the field.

Leveloggers can also be connected to an SDI-12 datalogger using the Solinst SDI-12 Interface Cable attached to a direct read cable. The full benefits of a sealed Levelogger with no vent tube or electrical cable connection are also maintained. The logger is still sealed from all electrical interference through a Faraday cage design. Cable handling problems are minimized.

Direct read cables are available for attachment to any Levelogger, new or old, in standard lengths of: 15', 50', 100', 200', 250', 300' and 5 m, 15 m, 30 m, 60 m, 80 m, 100 m. Custom cable lengths up to 1500 ft (450 m) are also available to fit particular monitoring situations, as required. Cable markings are available upon request.

The 1/10" dia. (3 mm) coaxial cable has an outer polyethylene jacket for strength and durability. A stranded stainless steel braided conductor gives non-stretch accuracy.

The upper end of the direct read cable is fitted with a connector that can act as a well cap for a 1" well. This connector fits Solinst Levelogger well caps designed for 2" or 4" wells, and can easily be tethered at surface in other situations.