AutoRAE Calibration Station

Manufacturer: RAE Systems
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AutoRAE is an auto-calibration, bump test and charging system for RAE Systems gas monitors. AutoRAE cradles are available for the QRAE, QRAE Plus, MultiRAE Plus, EntryRAE and MiniRAE 2000.

Press the button once for a bump test, twice for calibration, and walk away. A few minutes later, easy-to-read LEDs inform you of the status of the gas monitor's sensors. If the monitor fails the bump test, the system automatically performs a calibration.

An optional external printer allows AutoRAE to print bump test and calibration certificates for record keeping.

Simple to operate, this PC-free version is highly portable. Consisting of one controller plus cradles, the system accommodates up to 10 cradles. It is easy to add cradles when the job demands it, and it is easy to add controllers, expanding one system into several systems.

Connecting the cradle to the controller or connecting cradles to each other is a snap. A single rigid mechanism containing all three throughputs (power, data, and gas) snaps one cradle to another. Simply place the monitor in a cradle (with the external filter on!) and the power, gas, and data ports of the gas monitor are all engaged.

Key Features

  • Automatic calibration
  • Automatic bump testing
  • Automatic charging
  • PC-free, pushbutton easy
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for specialized service technicians
  • Monitors always calibrated and charged
  • Increases user confidence and safety
  • Bump and calibration certificates can be printed or saved to a computer for record keeping

Size Controller

  • 11.0" x 3.38" x 8.63" (27.94 cm x 8.59 cm x 21.92 cm)

EntryRAE Cradle

  • 6.31" x 5.38" x 4.88" (16.03 cm x 13.67 cm x 12.40 cm)

Gas Inlets

  • One fresh air, one isobutylene, one 4-gas mix

Monitors supported in a single block

  • EntryRAE
  • MiniRAE 2000
  • MultiRAE Plus (non-silver box)
  • QRAE (non-silver box)
  • QRAE Plus
  • MiniRAE 3000

Power Supply

  • Universal Power Supply


  • One-button operation

Cradle LEDs

  • Charge: flashes when in process, steady when complete
  • Bump: flashes when in process, steady when complete
  • Cal: flashes when in process, steady when complete
  • Fail: flashes when a leak is detected, steady when calibration fails
Specifications are subject to change