7/16″ diameter Interface Probe (200′)

Manufacturer: Testwell Instruments
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Using state-of-the-art electronics, the INT interface meter delivers reliable, rock solid performance in the field. This allows more readings and more accurate measurements compared to other similar instruments.

Infra-red refraction is used to detect liquids and conductivity is used to detect the water. For heavy viscous oils, detect water sensitivity quickly by increasing the external sensitivity control. For high conductivity water (brine) decreasing the sensitivity control prevents bridging so a moist probe is not detected as being in water. While all water level meters have a water sensitivity adjustment, there isn't another interface meter on the market with this feature except the INT Interface Meter. If a water sensitivity adjustment is essential for a water meter, it is definitely needed for an interface meter.

Triple-sealed probes do not need to be accessed by the user. Using "smart electronics" the probes will ignore any damage to the optical lens and continue to perform. Similar to a water level meter, the units will produce a solid tone in water and an intermittent light and tone indicates product. This system doubles the battery life and provides better overall performance.

Unlike many of the low cost plastic reels on the market which use frames too small for enough ground clearance when winding and rarely use a detachable module for cleaning—The Rugged Reel is designed specifically for environmental monitoring and rugged field use.  It is lightweight aluminum, easy to use, with a stainless steel axle. Double sealed ball bearings are standard for longer lengths.

Key Features

  • Highest quality steel core engineering tapes made by one of the world’s largest tape manufacturers
  • External water sensitivity adjustment/detects water quickly through viscous oils
  • Automatic sleep function — unit powers down after 10 minutes
  • Smart electronics ignore severe scratches, condensation and dripping oil
  • Easy access battery drawer
  • Flat spring steel tape with Kynar or Tefzel covering
  • Clear signals — no hesitation at the interface


  • 7/16" OD (11mm)

Tape Length

  • 200 ft.

Sensor Accuracy

  • To .010”— offset error

Detect Limit

  • Sheen (.02" or 1/2 mm)


  • .008% or better

Battery Life

  • 300 hours for INT-mini; one 9V alkaline battery
  • 180 hours for INT-standard; one 9V alkaline battery

Tape Markings

  • 1/10 ft. and 1/100 ft. (cm and mm)

Carry Case

  • Padded with shoulder strap