5/8″ diameter Water Level Meter (100′)

Manufacturer: Testwell Instruments
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The WLM Series Water Level Meter is a self contained, portable instrument. This meter is used for measuring static water level in wells or small diameter samplers. The WLM is contructed of lightweight aluminum and machined solid plastic components to provide a more rugged contruction than injection molded plastic components.

The tapes are marked in feet, 1/10 ft (black numbers) and 1/100 ft. graduations and meet international standards for accuracy. US GGG-T-106E (U.S.A.) and EEC CLASS II (Europe). Probes are constructed of stainless steel and teflon.

All units are equipped with a test button, so that the circuit and battery can be tested before beginning field work. The WLM meters are designed for simple operation in the field. All meters are equipped with an external adjustment for water quality to provide faster water detects in very pure water.