Ultra-Lok SRL 11′ Web

Ultra-Lok SRL 11

Manufacturer: DBI
Part Number: 3103107
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DBI-SALA were the first to develop SRL’s and they are still the most popular product of their kind. SRL’s extend and retract automatically, letting you comfortably move about at your normal speed within a recommended working area while operating at peak efficiency. For ease of use and worker acceptance, our SRL’s are the lightest in the industry.

DBI-SALA’s Ultra-Lok® SRL’s are manufactured with a durable reinforced urethane housing, either a 5mm wire rope, 6mm spectra synthetic rope or 25mm webbing lifeline and aluminium side plates for maximum durability and minimum weight. For added security, Ultra-Lok® SRL’s have an antiratcheting twin disc brake system with an audio indicator to let you know it is functioning properly.

The Ultra-Lok® series is designed to provide fall protection in a range of industries and environments. They are spring tensioned for normal work motions. If you slip or fall, the sudden jerk in the cable/webbing activates the braking mechanisms and brings the user to a stop. They are ideal for: inspection, general construction and maintenance work and confined space applications. DBI-SALA’s Ultra-Lok® Series SRL’s are available in galvanised, stainless, spectra synthetic rope and webbing lifelines.

  • Type 2, 3.4 metre self retracting lifeline
  • Stainless steel working components for corrosion resistance
  • Webbing lifeline for reduced weight
  • Self adjusting disc brake for reliability
  • Built in anti-ratcheting capabilities
  • Reserve lifeline retention system for added safety
  • Audible indicator ensures the breaking system is functioning properly
  • Self-locking double action snap hook with visual impact indicator.
  • Swivelling anchorage loop to prevent twisting of lifeline
  • Internal energy absorption system
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards
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Working Range:  11 ft. 1 in.

Lifeline Type:  Nylon web

Hook Model:  9503175

Size (L x W x H):  7.63 x 5.25 x 2.00

Weight:  4.2 lbs.