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Heron Instruments is committed to designing and manufacturing high quality water level monitoring systems.
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Heron "H.OIL" Interface Levels
Interface Probes The H.OIL oil, water interface meter is used to measure the interface level between two liquids in the same tank, vessel, well or aquifer. Order / Quote
Heron "dipper-Tough" Static & DrawDown Levels
P/N: dipper-Tough
Water Flow Meters The dipper-Tough is a rugged, top quality instrument used for measuring static and falling head levels in waste disposal and remediation sites and other harsh environments.  Order / Quote
Heron "Skinny Dipper", Static Levels
P/N: skinny dipper
Water Level Meters The SKINNY DIPPER water level meter is ideal for measuring static water levels in narrow wells, boreholes, tubes and piezometers. Order / Quote
Heron "dipper T2" Static & DrawDown Levels
P/N: dipper T2
Water Level Meters We have added the NEW dipper-T2 with a NON-removable probe to our product line. The unit is capable of measuring both static and falling head levels. Order / Quote
Heron "dipper-T", Four Function Water Level Meter
P/N: dipper-T
Water Flow Meters The Heron dipper-T is renowned for its premium, polyethylene coated yellow steel tape accuracy in measuring depth to water. Order / Quote

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