Product Updates

Upgrade to the GammaRAE II R and Save $500 off MSRP

New Levelogger Series Software & Firmware Available
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New Ni-MH Battery Pack to replace the Li-Ion Battery Pack in MultiRAE Plus and QRAE with UL Certification only.

Due to the limited availability of the Li-ion battery installed in newly-manufactured MultiRAE Plus (model: PGM-50-5P with UL certification only) and QRAE (model: PGM-50-4P with UL certification only) instruments and of the same battery sold as a replacement battery for such instruments currently deployed in the field, the Li-ion battery (PN: 500-0037-100) will be phased out (no longer offered) and the new Ni-MH battery pack (PN: 500-0059-000-FRU) phased in as of the date specified in the “effective Date of Change” section below. Download Complete Notification