Cyclone Cassette Holder

Manufacturer: Sensidyne
Part Number: 800061
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Not all airborne dust particles are respirable. Particles with aerodynamic diameters between 0.2 and 5 microns are capable of producing lung disease known as pneumonconiosis from long term exposure. The Sensidyne Cyclone Sampler is designed to separate the respirable fraction of airborne dust from the nonrespirable fraction in order to provide the most representative sample.

The unit includes a two stage sampler consisting of a 10 mm nylon cyclone and membrane filter. The cyclone, when operated at an air flow rate of 1.7 LPM (as recommended by NIOSH) effectively removes nonrespirable particles. The smaller respirable particles are deposited on the filter membrane for subsequent weight determination and analysis of chemical composition. Although designed specifically for pneumonconiosis producing dusts, the cyclone sampler is effective for monitoring the respirable fractions of all types of dust from highly toxic ones to nuisance dusts. The Personal Cyclone Sampler utilizes a 10 mm nylon cyclone as specified in NIOSH sampling methods for nuisance dust and silica dust.

Key Features

  • Meets NIOSH sampling requirements for 10 mm nylon cyclones
  • Accepts standard 3 part or 2 part 37 mm filter cassettes
  • Works with any personal monitoring pump capable of 1.7 LPM pulse free flow
  • Light weight aluminum bracket with toothless lapel clip for comfortable sampling
  • Positive seal with leak free design