Sonic Water Level Meter

Manufacturer: Ravensgate
Part Number: 200U
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The 200U sonic water level meter handles the metric units of measurements as well as the regular English measurements and allows you to take a static measurement of the level of water in the wells.

Key Features

  • Units of measurement – user may use metric or imperial
  • Gain/Sensitivity – user is able to choose variable or fixed as appropriate
  • Temperature – user may set accordingly
  • Ignore Distance – the initial distance to ignore when a measurement is taken
    • Normal mode range is 0 – 56 ft (17m) in 0.2 ft (0.07m) steps, factory setting is 10ft (3m)
    • Deep mode usable range is 27 – 1200 ft (9 to 366m) in approx 30 ft (9m) steps, factory setting is 200 ft)