DS400 Docking Station

Manufacturer: GfG Instruments
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The innovative Dockingstation DS400 is a complete device management system, that offers the user reduced cost and time for performing functional tests (Bump tests), calibration and documentation. The DS400 is compact, portable and does not require a PC to operate.

When inserted into the DS400, the detector is automatically bump checked. Alarm functions are tested to ensure correct operation, in addition to sensor response. Calibration reports can be printed out from the DS400 (via PC). All data is recorded on a memory card, and the data transferred from the detector to the DS400. The data can then be transferred to PC via a USB cable and manipulated directly in Excel.

The DS400 uses simple traffic light indicators for the user to give the detector status – green is go, red is stop. The DS400 ensures that your detectors are always ready to go, in a safe condition and at a minimum cost.

Easy operation

The operation of the DS400 docking station couldn’t be any easier. Simply put the G450 or the G460 in the dock and the system will take over from there. The DS400 automatically performs a full functional test including fresh air calibration, bump test, extensive sensor tests, alarm tests, battery test and optionally performs an automatic AutoCal® calibration.

Extensive diagnostics

The DS400 is designed to go beyond the traditional basic docking station tests and includes sensor diagnostics tests such as T50 and T90. After all, what good is a sensor that can respond to gas when it takes too long to get there? With the DS400 you can have confidence with this added level of safety.

Automatic charging

After all tests have been completed the DS400 will automatically start the charging process of the detector or you may remove and begin using it. In case the detectors battery condition is insufficient to complete a test the DS400 will charge the instrument before performing the test.

Record Keeping

A good instrument gas detection maintenance program is not complete without equally good records keeping. Whether you choose to download or maintain the records on a PC or network or your preference is to leave it to the docking station, the DS400 is the right choice.

The DS400 can retain as many as 2 million complete diagnostics in memory with maximum memory installed. That is over 50 years of data even if testing 100 detectors every single day!

Reduced cost of ownership

The DS400 is designed to reduce the cost of ownership every step of the way. The built in pump has variable flow control to reduce the amount of gas consumed during the test. The DS400 is even smart enough take advantage of the gas remaining in the tubing after the previous test was completed.

PC communication

The DS400 comes complete with USB interface cable and download software. The SD card may also be downloaded using a standard SD card reader.

Maintenance certificates

The DS400 software includes a module to quickly print official calibration or bump test certificates. Simply download the records from the DS400 and start the “Certificate Generator” … it takes only seconds!

Physical Properties

  • Dimensions: 5.1”x9”x4.7” (130x230x120 mm)
  • Weight: 28.5 ounces (800 grams)
  • Power: 12 VDC wall cube; 12 VDC vehicle power (optional)

Test Protocol

  • Fresh Air: Automatic calibration
  • Gas Response: Automatic bump test; automatic or selective calibration
  • Response Time: T50 or T90 tests
  • Alarm Activation: Time to activate alarm-1 and alarm-2
  • Visual Alarm: Automatic LED test
  • Audible Alarm: Automatic horn test


  • Interface: G450/G460 keypad
  • Display: G450/G460 graphic display
  • Time stamp: Automatic/Real-time clock

Gas Connections and Pump

  • Inlets: 1 Gas; 1 Fresh air
  • Outlets: 1