G7 Bridge

Manufacturer: Blackline Safety
Part Number: G7 Bridge
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What is G7 Bridge?

The G7 Bridge system is an employee safety monitoring solution that keeps you connected in remote locations outside cellular coverage.   The system is comprised of two parts, the G7 Bridge portable satellite/cellular base station and the employee-worn G7 safety monitoring device.

The G7 Bridge is self-powered and portable, allowing you to quickly move it from one vehicle to another.

Equipped with GPS location technology, it can provide your organization with a simple alternative to elaborate fleet management systems.  The G7 Bridge can mass-notify employees of hazards, trigger evacuations, connect you to monitoring personnel via two-way messaging, and account for you on a real-time map, providing a reference point to manage the fastest possible emergency response.

The G7 Bridge system has your back at all times, no matter your location.


How does G7 Bridge communicate with my personal monitoring device?  G7 Bridge communicates with G7x or Loner 900 devices through an industrial quality 900 MHz radio link.  Personal monitoring devices can operate up to 2 km away with limited obstructions from G7 Bridge.

NOTE: Terrain, foliage, and buildings can reduce the overall 900 MHz radio link range.

How does G7 Bridge communicate with the Blackline Safety Network? One G7 Bridge can link up to five G7x or Loner 900 devices to the Blackline Safety Network through the Iridium satellite network or 2G/3G cellular data.

G7 Bridge is equipped with an internal Iridium satellite radio and antenna that facilitates communication when outside the range of cellular networks.  The transition between satellite and cellular is automatic and seamless.

When mounted to a vehicle, all-terrain vehicle, snowmobile or boat, G7 Bridge must remain out in open sky, a minimum of 10 meters (33 feet) away from any buildings.  This will help ensure an unobstructed view to send and receive signals to satellites.