Accuro Pump – Colorimetric Tube Hand Pump

Accuro Pump – Colorimetric Tube Hand Pump

Manufacturer: Draeger Safety
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The Accuro Pump manual gas detector pump is used for spot measurements with Draeger tubes.

Measurements must often be taken in extreme conditions, such as up ladders, in shafts, or where heavy breathing protection is required. The accuro gas detector pump can easily be operated with one hand, and allows reliable measurements in locations that are difficult to access.

The Draeger accuro is a bellows pump, with which the air sample is drawn through the Draeger tube using strokes. The body of the pump consists of a bellows, which is completely pushed together for the measurement. When the bellows is released, the air is drawn automatically and the gas sample to be measured is sucked through the tube being used. The sampling process is completed when the body of the pump has opened completely. The end of a stroke is indicated by a pressure-controlled display on the body of the Draeger accuro pump.