Talon 100% Tie-Off Twin Leg SRL 6′ with Pelican Hooks

Talon 100% Tie-Off Twin Leg SRL 6′ with Pelican Hooks

Manufacturer: DBI
Part Number: 3102000
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The Twin Leg 100% Tie Off Talon™ self retracting lifelines are engineered for reliable protection that locks when it should; won't lock when it shouldn't. The extremely lightweight design (just under three pounds!) and quick-connect system gives you freedom of movement without compromising safety. Due to the small size and light weight, Talon® can be connected directly to the back of a harness for added mobility. System comes with the Delta Comfort Pad. 


  • Added mobility with two 6 ft. lifelines within one unit
  • 100% tie –off capabilities for safe work at heights
  • Inertia activated for quick response time and reduced arresting forces
  • Compact, light weight design
  • Durable nylon housing with quick connect handle, rugged and light weight for attachment to harness
  • No service/recertification required, reduces cost of ownership
  • Extra-strong and long-lasting materials for extended product life
  • 1 in. diameter nylon web lifelines

Capacity:  One user only, 75 lbs. - 310 lbs..

Working Range:  2.5 ft. to 6 feet

Maximum Arresting Force:  When tested in accordance with ANSI Z359.1, 75 lbs. - 310 lbs. - 900 lbs.

Average Locking Speed:  4.5 ft./second

Maximum Arresting Distance: 4 2 inches

Overall Dimensions, Quick-Connect Attachment Handle Models (LxWxH):  7.5 x 3.8 x 2.6 inches

Housing:  Nylon plastic

Cable Drum: Glass filled nylon

Internal Components:  Heat-treated alloy steel and stainless steel

Lifeline:  1 inch nylon web

Anchorage Handle:  Steel, locking type, quick-connect

Hooks:  5,000 lb. minimum tensile strength

Weight:  5.4 lbs.

Complies with:

  • OSHA 1910.66 , OSHA 1926.502
  • ANSI Z359.1-1992
  • CSA Z259.2.2 (type 1)
  • CE compliant models available (per EN364:1993)